Former princess of Qatar dies of overdose

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 "Former princess of Qatar died of an overdose"

The former Qatari princess was found dead in her home in the Spanish resort of Marbella. According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, the body of 45-year-old Cassia Gallanio was discovered by police at her house on Sunday. Cassia was found lying in bed with no visible signs of violence. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, the cause of death could be a drug overdose.

Gallanio, a Polish American, was the third wife of 73-year-old Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, the uncle of the Emir of Qatar.
They got married in 2004 . In the family, three daughters were born one after another. A few years later, the couple decided to divorce and fought for custody of their children for 10 years.

Cassia Gallanio accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing her eldest daughter. Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani denied the allegations and the case was hushed up.

Today, all three daughters live with their father in Paris after Gallanio was denied custody of the children due to problems with alcohol and nervous breakdowns. Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani has been living in France since 1992, when he was forced to leave his homeland due to accusations of plotting a coup against the Emir of Qatar.

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