Former police chief: there will be a massacre in the Negev

Former police chief: there will be a massacre in the Negev

Former head of Israel's Southern Police District Uri Bar-Lev gave an interview to 103FM radio.

The police chief made the darkest predictions for Israel's future.
< br />Bar-Lev stated: “I am very concerned about what is happening in the country – and not only in the south. I assume that many listeners saw the clip of the armed police in Nazareth. Every day we hear about the shooting in Nazareth, Lod, Baka al-Gharbiya. Latent processes are underway, and much is not reported in the press. “

Bar-Lev said that Operation” Wall Guardian ” was a turning point: “ The incompetence of the entire law enforcement, and first of all, the judicial system was demonstrated. It must create a deterrent. Those arrested after the Wall Sentinel got off with very light punishments. This is how the referees are punished at football matches. We do not use the power that the judicial system gives us. ”

Bar-Lev added: “ We are losing relevance in the Negev, in northern Israel, in other parts of the country. There are other laws. The moment you lose relevance, you lose control, and this vacuum is filled with crime, and the distance between crime and terrorism is very short. ”

Bar-Lev also unequivocally confirmed that the judges in the Negev“ ; fear for their life & rdquo; and that this is the reason for the lack of prosecution of bandits and lenient sentences.

Bar-Lev warned: “ The next round will result in a lot of blood being shed. There will be a massacre. We are on our way to slaughter. It will be on the roads. Today it is no longer a gangster who shoots a gangster. Today people are being removed from the roads in the south. You say you didn't shoot the last time? – They shot at Akko, shot at Safed, shot in many places! A teacher I know lives in Ramla. He says the press doesn't want to write about it. His car has been shot at four times in the past month. Molotov cocktails were thrown twice. This is what is happening right now. ”

Interviewer Golan Yokpaz asked in shock,“ Uri Bar-Lev. you are talking about the massacre. which the Arabs will arrange for the Jews? In what scenario is this possible? & Rdquo; Bar-Lev replied, “It’s possible with the next escalation in security. Of course, they can shoot Jews with a machine gun. Where do you live? I am shocked by this question. We do not speak Arabic, we do not know what is going on inside. When we see a group of masked armed men in Nazareth three days ago, everyone with machine guns, they say: “ We ourselves solve our problems '' – this is not only their problem! It spills out immediately. Arab Street understands very well what is going on. She understands that some of them are criminals, but she also understands who controls everything. Our weakness is immediately visible – and they are also afraid of it, and they see who will be the real boss on the ground. ”

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