Former Pakistani prime minister accuses government officials of attempt on his life

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 Former Pakistani PM accuses authorities of attempt on his life < /p>

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Kan, who was assassinated on Nov. 3, accused government officials on Friday of plotting to assassinate him, writes CNN.

Kahn, while in a hospital in Lahore, named Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif, Interior Minister Ran Sanaulu and senior intelligence official General Faisal among the perpetrators of the assassination.

Pakistani authorities called the allegations “baseless” and called the incident a “security omission on the part of the Punjab government”, which was in charge of order.

Kahn stated that he knew about the intentions to kill him the day before the assassination attempt and claimed that the attack involved two shooters.

Kahn has been at odds with the current government since it was removed in April by a no-confidence vote and called for early elections.

Kahn was assassinated on Thursday, November 3, at a political rally near the city of Gujranwala, Punjab province. It was noted that the bullet hit him in the leg and crushed the bone.

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