Former Navy commander: Israel had the opportunity to kill Nasrallah

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 Former Navy commander: Israel had the ability to kill Nasrallah

Former Israeli Navy commander Eliezer Marom said Israel had many opportunities to assassinate Hezbollah's secretary general. Hassan Nasrallu, but he decided not to, in an interview with the Galey Israel radio station Wednesday.

“I have long believed that Israel should clearly tell Nasrallah, 'If you threaten the gas fields and, God forbid, dare to launch a rocket attack or something else, we we'll hit you hard… and we'll hit you as soon as we can,” Marom said.

“Over the years, we've had more than one opportunity to hit Nasrallah, but we haven't done it. . So he must not test us,” he warned.

decided not to. But now that he has put his guns on the table and is threatening Israel and its sovereignty, [we could],” Marom said.

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