Former Israeli beauty queen charged with fraud

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 Former Israeli beauty queen accused of fraud

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Tehila Levy, a former beauty queen of Israel, was caught in a major scandal.

Levy was interrogated at the Ministry of Defense on suspicion of committing fraud in order to obtain financial benefits from the army.

Levy joined the IDF shortly after winning the crown of beauty queen in July 2020 and served in the Home Front Command in Ramla. About three months ago, on August 4, 2022, she completed her military service. It is suspected that Levy claimed to be a lone soldier when she enlisted in the army, and signed false documents in order to receive benefits. In fact, she flew on private vacations. In connection with her suspicions, an investigation was launched into defrauding the army of tens of thousands of shekels.

The investigation has now ended and the case is under consideration by the prosecutor's office, pending a decision.
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