Former husband against the former head of the Mossad

Former husband against the former head of the Mossad

Guy Shiker, whose wife allegedly had an affair with the former head of the Mossad Yossi Cohen, made his first appearance on Channel 13.

On his Facebook, Shiker wrote that “Cohen recognized and exploited the weakness when he realized that our couple had difficulties.” Responding to his critics, Guy Schicker said: “ You are all hypocrites, those who are trying to shift attention to me and her – you have dirty laundry at home too. ''

Regarding Yossi Cohen's romance with his ex-wife Shiker wrote:

“Yossi Cohen is the one who hurt my children. Yossi Cohen is the one who pressure and destroys the family in Israel. Yossi Cohen recently threatened me indirectly through my ex-wife. Yossi Cohen maintains contact with my ex-wife to this day, and he slanders me in front of all kinds of people. '' and pressure. At the same time, he asks not to blame his wife for everything. According to him, it is Yossi Cohen who is to blame for what happened, it was he who took advantage of her weakness at a difficult moment. ''

“ We are no different from any couple in Israel and in the world. And even once we went to the rabbinate together and started a business, about 3 years before the crisis with Yossi Cohen, but we soon closed it and continued our life as a married couple.
I didn’t want to put our dirty laundry on display. Everyone has stories like this. ” in relation to the entire people of Israel and should have caused damage to the security of the state. Who wants to criticize me – please. But don't judge me, don't be arrogant. I went through a crazy meat grinder. Everything I had to endure, I endured for the good of my children. I will protect my children and teach them how to fight evil! I will teach them not to be afraid to speak and tell! I will teach them that if someone wants to harm you, they must fight for their rights, and I will teach them that Dad will always defend them, and also defend the right to preserve their dignity. ”

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