Former girlfriend Timati confirmed that she became a Muslim

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Timati's ex-girlfriend confirmed that she became a Muslim

Anastasia Reshetova has no plans to discuss the issue of religion.

25-year-old model and blogger Anastasia Reshetova posted a story on her Instagram page , where she officially confirmed that she adopted another religion. Now the former lover of Timati & # 8212; a Muslim woman, reports with reference to

Why did Anastasia Reshetova not talk about the change of faith?

The famous model decided to give fans the opportunity to ask her questions that fans are most interested in. Of course, it was not without the question of religion, since Nastya's behavior has long made her subscribers think that the social media star has changed their confession.

Timati's ex-girlfriend confirmed that she became a Muslim

So, Anastasia Reshetova once admitted that she really likes Islam, as well as Muslim culture. In addition, the celebrity often visited Dubai, on her page you can see a photo in a hijab, and the girl is also planning to hire an Arabic teacher for her son Ratmir.

Timati's ex-girlfriend confirmed that she became a Muslim

Finally, the most convincing fact was the information that the blogger withstood the fast in Ramadan and learned all the Muslim holidays with which she congratulated fans on her page.

However, despite this, the model was in no hurry to tell fans about the changes in her life. Only now, at the beginning of October 2021, the star has confirmed that she has become a Muslim. Nastya also shared why she did not inform her audience. In her opinion, such things can only be discussed with the closest people.

 Timati's ex-girlfriend confirmed that she became a Muslim

Recall that Timati and Nastya have a common child – a son Ramir, who will turn two years old on October 16 … How Timur will react to such changes in the life of his former lover, and most importantly, to her approach to raising her son, is unknown.

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