Former general: “Iran may be behind the escalation”

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Retired Israeli Brigadier General Amir Avivi believes that the escalation between Israel and the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” was the result of Iranian orders.

He stated this in an interview with The Media Line.

“The military operation in Gaza began with the interception of a terrorist detachment that was sent to attack Israel .This kind of attack will not only require Tehran's approval, but is most likely an Iranian initiative.As we speak, the Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad al-Nahala is in Tehran, meeting with the President of Iran and the commander of the IRGC. "Islamic Jihad" is Iran's absolute confidant, Tehran finances and manages it,” Avivi said.

about the escalation of the situation. I do not go into details, but I can assume that this is due to Iran's desire to retaliate against Israel for many hostile actions attributed to it, such as the bombing of nuclear facilities and the killing of Iranian officers and scientists.

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