Former footballer told how match fixing works in Ukraine

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The former footballer said how match-fixing works in Ukraine

Mikhail Kopolovets gave a frank interview.

Former midfielder of the Carpathians, Hoverla, Belshiny and Minaya Mikhail Kopolovets commented on the organization of match-fixing in Ukraine during his playing career, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Mikhail Kolopovets admitted that when he was a football player, he received offers to participate in match-fixing.

& # 171; There were of course. I live in the real world, where there were offices, constant temptations, of course, offered. Most of the players were offered at different times. I am a person who has been since that time. In our time, when we played, it was very developed. Change, so you need – you don't need, & # 171; three in three & # 187 ;. Young people now do not understand what is & # 171; three in three & # 187 ;. & # 171; Three in three & # 187; – you take three points at home, give three on the road. That's all & # 187 ;, – he said.

Mykhailo Kopolovets also spoke about the amounts that appear in Ukrainian fixed-term matches.

& # 171; Sumy – half a million dollars, maybe a million dollars, when the prize places are decided. It's just that usually no one will say anything about it. I'm not saying that I participated in this there, but they offered & # 187 ;, – Mikhail Kolopovets admitted.

Briefly about Kopolovets' career

  • The midfielder comes from Transcarpathia and the main part of his career in Ukraine. In the Premier League, he played for the Carpathians, Transcarpathia and Minaj. Mikhail Kopolovets also played for Belarusian Belshina and German Aingait.
  • In the Ukrainian Premier League, he played only 173 matches for three different teams, scoring 5 goals. Most of all, he was remembered for one of the post-match comments, where he said that the Carpathians are unlucky even though the team & # 171; goes to church every Sunday & # 187 ;.

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