Former contestant on Masterchef-9 Anastasiya poghosova: I Try not to dwell on the exterior

Экс-участница шоу  МастерШеф-9  Анастасия Погосова:   Стараюсь не зацикливаться на внешности

The former contestant on “Masterchef-9” Anastasiya poghosova: “I Try not to dwell on appearance”
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Photo: Press service

Cook and business lady told “KP” in Ukraine” about the difficulties faced on the set of a reality.

Anastasiya poghosova really wanted to come for the first season of culinary show of STB, but her husband was not allowed. He forbade her to perform on stage and found flaws in her cooking dishes. When the husband did not, after that started to embody long-standing dream: to make standpipe, sing in the ensemble, to travel and to try new dishes. This fall poghosova won the beauty contest “Mrs. world plus size” in India, he proved to achieve anything at any age. But few know what it cost her and what was really Anastasia survived during this time.

“They were not ready to leave so early”

– You called the most intelligent member, you with anybody did not quarrel. Showdown – not your technique?

– I find out the relationship conversation, but don’t fight. I was able to find a common language with all participants. Probably still Yes, I have a cultured upbringing. After the departure of Natalia Troyan I became the most senior member of the project. I would be ashamed to find out with the young guys and put them in their place. It’s like I would come to fight with their children. We had a very interesting guys, and each is beautiful in its own way. All I understood.

– You cried when he left. Was expecting to lose him?

– I wanted to stay on the project, was not ready to leave so early (left the show at the 12th week. – Ed.) felt the strength. When we both stood before the judges thought that the project needed him more than me, because he is young and promising. I was scared that he was sent home, but at the same time worried for himself. Sometimes curse myself that I am the universal mother.

– Why her husband would not let you on the first season of “Masterchef”?

– Yes, I am preparing for 30 books, but they were useful to me only in this season. For him it was unacceptable that the wife and go somewhere and leave the family. Said that I should cook only at home.

And then my friends and I were discussing our unfulfilled dreams, and I remembered that I never participated in the “Masterchef”. In the end, the friend filled in the form.

– How do you in the frame?

– I’m used to the third edition. But extremely shame to see when you have something out. The last release I watched with the family. They said that I was not myself – confused, my hands are trembling… As if there was some kind of Eclipse.

– Tired?

– The first month was difficult both mentally and physically. It feels like I’m in the army. But then I got involved, because I am a person disciplined.

“Problems were saved in the kitchen”

– In one of the competitions you went into a dark room where they were looking for food to prepare. Was it scary?

Yes. I love horror movies, but I’m afraid of the dark. At that moment he reassured himself that nothing bad won’t happen to me. I always thought that there’s someone, though, most likely, it was operator. The smell of raw meat and tripe just killed me. But it was necessary to collect the products from which anything can be cooked. Still kiss with pig’s head. The room left in the blood. Now it’s nice to remember.

– Probably have nothing to fear?

– Not sure need to check. The last time was to avoid the phrase “I never…”. Life teaches me to do the opposite. Previously I thought that I will never put my hand in the aquarium with Topobase (beetles). I’m a very squeamish person. But I had to do it – and I did.

12 years you were a housewife, devoted himself to the family. Why did you decide to change your life.

– It was difficult. I was depressed, I thought I was doing totally unnecessary things. I thought I home robot that washes, cleans, cooks. But at some point I realized that due to the fact that I am a home person, I have grown up good kids. While I was on the project, all three of them were home is, and for that I am grateful to them. Thanks, I had the opportunity to be a housewife. And now can be implemented.

– After the death of a spouse who was older than you at 43, you had to do hotel business. How to cope and not give up?

– It was a scary time. For six months, lost 37 pounds. So when people ask me, I would not want to lose weight, the answer is no. I was thin and in that time was miserable. Why not give up? I have had children. I hate to say this, when I think about it. To be a dad and mom very difficult. I was comforted and saved kitchen. It is a refuge from the world where you have to solve problems related to business.

I have two higher educations and experience in a managerial position. I had no choice. I had to learn not from books, but from their mistakes. Business in Ukraine is very difficult.

– Who was helping at work while you were away?

Right here yourself will praise. I was able to create a team that can leave their business for a certain time. I am a good and understanding leader. Myself at work saying, “This is work, not family”. But still projecting nepotism in business. Telling employees that won’t raise, but then do it anyway, give a second chance.

“Love delicious food”

– Your restaurant is already thinking?

– Working on this issue. I want to open a restaurant in Koblevo, where I have recreation. But get used to it, because you need to be able to not only cook, but to be a chef and restaurateur.

– You confessed to the judges that are not shy of her gorgeous figure. How to keep yourself in shape?

– I was offended when I say that girls with curvy figure, eat junk food and lie on the couch. I work, love. I try not to dwell on appearance. Only eat what I like, I love delicious food. Do not limit yourself. Wake up every morning in a good mood.

– You want to participate in a beauty contest for girls with magnificent forms?

This idea belonged to my beloved man. He inspired me, said I was the Queen. And I got to thinking: there are so many beautiful girls, but insecure because of their curvaceous figure. And I wanted to motivate them. I did.

Экс-участница шоу  МастерШеф-9  Анастасия Погосова:   Стараюсь не зацикливаться на внешности

41 year Anastasia won the beauty contest for the girls with curvaceous. Photo: Press service

Very personal

“Went on a shooting after the death of the beloved”

– Participation in “Masterchef” coincided with my personal tragedy, and at some point the project became my salvation. My favorite man came to see me when we had a day off. Returning home, he died in a car accident. The next day I went shooting. This is a great victory over himself. I understand that we have a show and it must go on. He really wanted to, I participated in the project, always supportive, said I was the best. Now support herself in difficult situations. I write a lot of good words in social networks. And that energy inspires me!


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