Former bachelorette Ramin: I have to wash away the stamp of the former girls Kozlowski

Экс- холостячка  Рамина: Мне приходится отмываться от штампа  бывшей девушки Козловского

Ex-“bachelorette” Ramin: I have to wash off the stamp “ex-girlfriend Kozlovsky”
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The girl admitted that the singer removed her from friends in Instagram

Ex-member of “the Bachelor 5”, blogger Ramin Achakzai took part in the YouTube show “a Night at the bar” (Lux FM) together with Dasha Astafyeva and Misha Romanova. During the game “Truth or dare” Ramin pulled the question “Name 3 Ukrainian stars, which I hate”. The three turned and lead the Glory Demin and her ex-fiancé, singer Vitaly Kozlovsky:

– Demin negotiating with Ukraine, and to invite them before me. And takes normal interview. To me it’s terribly annoying. Second place is Vitaly Kozlovsky. He I hung the stamp “ex-girlfriend Kozlowski” and I now have to wash.

In addition, Ramin added that the singer has removed her from friends in Instagram, she did the same thing. In an interview with “KP” last year, the girl admitted that Kozlovsky was suppressing her self-esteem and from him she had not received adequate support.

Also, Ramin added that he loves those stars that do not respond to her invitation for an interview and ignore it.

Ramine Achakzai – 27 years. Known after participation in the project “the Bachelor 5”, which fought for the heart of the football player Sergey Melnik. Now she said she went on the show for PR. Vitaly Kozlovsky Ramin started Dating in 2016, a year later, the singer made a proposal to the girl. But after some time, the blogger admitted that he had decided not to marry because it is not ready for family life. Now Ramin meets with the lawyer Evgeny Pronin. Leads to the YouTube show “rumor has it”.


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