Forgotten about Hamas? The UN created a commission of inquiry for the “Wall Guard”

Forgot about Hamas?/p> </p>
<p> The United Nations Committee has approved a budget for the creation of a Human Rights Council Commission to investigate Operation Wall Sentinel. </p>
<p> Remarkably, the communiqué refers to the investigation of alleged crimes that took place during the May hostilities. </p>
<p> However, only Israel is mentioned, and there is not a word about Hamas in the document. </p>
<p> The Israeli delegation to the UN and the United States were outraged by the approval of the budget for this commission. Hungary and a number of other countries have joined their position. </p>
<p> “The Commission of Inquiry, which was decided by the Human Rights Council, is fundamentally rotten and corrupted by bias and hypocrisy. She not only ignores the crimes of Hamas and prefers to focus only on Israel '', & ndash; Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan is outraged. </p>
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