Forecast: if war starts, Lebanon will be covered by thousands of shells a day

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 Forecast: if war breaks out, Lebanon will be hit by thousands of shells a day< /p>

If a full-scale war breaks out between Israel and Hezbollah, IDF artillery will bombard Lebanon with thousands of shells a day.

This opinion is in an interview with The Jerusalem Post said the army commander in charge of training artillery officers, Lieutenant Colonel TsAHALEL-Hai Cohen.

According to him, what today is classified as “artillery” is completely different from the traditional definition. Troops include attack and reconnaissance drones. Cohen's ground forces have a much longer range, precision weapons and increased maneuverability than in the past, which radically change their ability on the battlefield. In the battle that we imagine as the next war, artillery firepower will be decisive. It is difficult to comprehend the full range of our fire capabilities. jumps 100%, it will be the core of any new major conflict,” he said.

Cohen warned Hezbollah that Israeli artillery will crush a terrorist organization in the event of a war.

“We are ready on all fronts, including against Hamas, but in terms of artillery, the biggest conflict for which they need to be prepared , — this is a conflict with Hezbollah,” he said.

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