Ford Mustang Mach-e is already impossible to buy, and here’s why

Ford Mustang Mach-e уже неможливо купити, і ось чому

Pre-order the first batch of Mustang Mach-e does not accept the

Electrogroove Ford Mustang Mach-e First Edition can no longer be ordered. All the cars of the pilot of the party booked during the nine days of the show. While we are talking only about pre-orders that can be revoked, there is a probability that some of customers will abandon purchases at a time!

Taking orders for the Mach-e was launched on November 18. In order to apply for the purchase of electric cars series First Edition, you need to make a Deposit of $ 500. These crossovers will be released in the first place and, accordingly, customers will get them faster than others.

In addition to the nameplate First Edition, this electric car different from the normal version upholstered chairs with contrast stitching and overlays on the pedals. Mach-e First Edition is equipped with all-wheel drive, panorama roof with infrared protection, an extended list of equipment and costs from 59.9 thousand dollars.

Ford Mustang Mach-e уже неможливо купити, і ось чому

For pre-order was necessary to make a Deposit of $ 500

Mustang Mach-e will appear on the market with rear-and all-wheel drive, with capacity from 255 to 459 horsepower and batteries and a 75.7 98.8 per kilowatt-hours. The reserve depending on the version varies from 340 to 600 km, and acceleration to “hundreds” takes from 7 to 5.5 seconds.

The initial price of the car is 43 thousand dollars, and top Mach-E GT will cost at 61.6 thousand dollars. The collection starts in late 2020. Except the US model will be sold in the markets of China and Europe.

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