Ford developing autopilot for off-road

It is expected that the system will independently scan the type of terrain and to make decisions about how the upcoming section of the road can be dangerous to humans.

American automaker Ford has patented a technology that will allow the car to overcome difficult sections of the road that says Off Road.

We are talking about a system that involves various sensors to read information about the obstacles and special microprocessor that is able to analyze this information and adjust accordingly the car’s suspension settings.

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For example, one of the functions of an autopilot is the ability to alert the driver. After analyzing the information about the obstacle in the case of a threat to humans (possibility of tipping, etc.) the PC will ask the driver to leave the vehicle. The machine will automatically travel the difficult part. The driver can control the car remotely with a special remote.

In addition, the system will be able to adapt the suspension of the car depending on the type and nature of obstacles. For example, the autopilot can adjust the height ride height or damping.

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The timing of introduction of mass production of this autopilot off-road says nothing.

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