Forbes Names Highest Paid Stars on TikTok

Forbes named the highest paid stars in TikTok

According to Forbes, the world's highest paid TikTok stars earned $ 55.5 million last year. This income is 200% higher than in the previous year.

It is noted that such amounts have earned Tiktokers due to their popularity, which has gone beyond the platform. In addition, many began to release their own reality shows on TV, go on stage with show business stars and star in NETFLIX projects.

However, it is known that from 30% to 50% of bloggers receive from sponsorship content for advertising corporate products.

Forbes rating of the most expensive stars on TikTok

Charlie D & # 39; Amelio with earnings of $ 17.5 million and 133 million subscribers
Dixie D & # 39; Amelio with $ 10 million and 57 million subscribers
Edison Ray with 8.5 million earnings and 86 million subscribers
Bella Porch with earning $ 5 million and 87 million subscribers
Josh Richards with 5 million earnings and 26 million subscribers
Chris Collins with 4.75 million earnings and 42 million subscribers
Avani Gregg with 4.75 million earnings and 39 million subscribers

The publication formed the rating from the highest paid stars who first became famous in TikTok.

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