For urban combat: Flocks of Elbit kamikaze microdrones

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 For urban combat: Flocks of Elbit kamikaze microdrones

The new drone of the Israeli company Elbit Systems called Lanius combines a number of technologies that put it at the forefront of military technology progress.

Elbit Systems said that Lanius is “part of Legion-X Robotic and Autonomous Combat Solution. Elbit is one of Israel's top three defense companies.

The company's website says the drone “is highly maneuverable and versatile an unmanned munition designed to operate at short range in urban environments.

The drone can reconnoiter and map buildings by flying along small corridors and through doorways. This means that it can help the user find “points of possible threats by detecting, classifying and synchronizing with Elbit Systems' Legion-X complexes.” The Lanius can carry lethal or non-lethal payloads capable of performing a wide range of missions for special forces, military, law enforcement.”

The small drone has an interesting appearance that sets it apart from other types of small quadcopters. Although it uses small rotors, it also has a large, beetle-like “head” full of optics to help it “see” better. and complete indoor mapping missions.

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