For the first time in the world: a pig's heart transplanted into a human

First in the world: a pig's heart was transplanted into a human

American doctors made a breakthrough in organ transplantation and for the first time in the world transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a human.

This is reported by CNN.

The organ of the animal was transplanted to 57-year-old American David Bennett three days ago. The operation lasted seven hours, doctors say that the patient's condition is good.

Specialists from the University of Maryland Medical Center received permission for the transplant, explaining to the authorities that the man would simply die without the transplant. It is noted that the patient would not be suitable for a conventional heart transplant or the installation of a mechanical pump.

In order to prevent organ rejection, three genes were removed from the donor pig. Another gene has been deleted to prevent overgrowth of heart tissue. In addition, six human genes responsible for immune susceptibility were added.

The patient will be under long-term supervision of doctors to make sure that the heart is working properly.

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