For the first time in Israel, the Russian Ballet Theater presents “Swan Lake”

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 For the first time in Israel, the Russian Ballet Theater presents Swan Lake

The State Theater “Russian Ballet” under the direction of Vyacheslav Gordeev proudly presents: Ballet in 2 acts, 4 scenes "Swan Lake". For the first time in Israel, performed by the stars of the first cast of the theater!

A grand performance! 100 participants accompanied by a symphony orchestra!*

Music — P. I. Tchaikovsky.
Stage director — Vyacheslav Gordeev.
Choreography — L. Ivanov, A. Gorsky, M. Petipa, V. Gordeev.

“Rarely does anyone have the luck to see Russia's contemporary talent in such brilliance…”
“Western Morning News»

We are pleased to inform all fans of classical ballet about the triumphant start of the tour State Theater “Russian Ballet” conducted by Vyacheslav Gordeev. Without exaggeration, they can be called the main event of the theater season! The illustrious ballet company, performing for the first time in Israel in the first composition, showed the highest level of skill, worthy of the best world scenes. An enthusiastic ovation from the audience – a vivid confirmation of this!

The path of this tour to the Israeli audience was very difficult – due to the coronavirus epidemic, the dates of the tour were repeatedly postponed, then,
due to problems with flights, the artists had to get to us through Egypt, through the Sinai desert. But the audience's 3-year wait and the road adventures of the artists were more than paid off by the amazing atmosphere of high ballet art that arose at the performances of the Russian Ballet. Sophisticated Israeli ballet lovers greeted the artists very warmly, calling for a bow 4-5 times after the performance. The artists are also satisfied, warmed by the unusually warm reception of the Israeli public and the warm Israeli sun, which contrasts so much with the cold and rainy Moscow spring.

The tour is in full swing! Don't miss the brightest event of the season!
Details and ticketing – at Cashier Bravo: *3221.

Swan Lake, the world's most famous and most beloved ballet, needs no introduction. He has not left the stages of the world's leading theaters for more than a hundred years. The musical genius of Tchaikovsky, the brilliant choreography of Marius Petipa, the dramatic libretto about love and fidelity, about the struggle between good and evil, combined together, gave rise to a perfect creation that you want to enjoy again and again, even when all the plot twists and musical numbers are known. This is the pleasure of touching something beautiful, from which the soul sings… And right now, in such a difficult period for everyone, the Soul is drawn to the eternal and beautiful classics, knowing that it will find harmony and find answers to its questions.

“Swan Lake”, which has become a classic of the ballet – this is a difficult performance to stage with an abundance of actors, therefore not every choreographer and not every theater decides to stage it. And in order for the miracle to happen, for this precious diamond of the world ballet to play with all its facets – the talent and the highest skill of the artists and the choreographer who dared to take on its production are needed.

The legend of Russian ballet Vyacheslav Gordeev, an outstanding Russian dancer, the premiere of the Bolshoi Theater, who devoted his whole life to the art of ballet, showed his talent as a choreographer as well. Gordeev the choreographer won the authority and sympathy of foreign ballet critics. In 1992, after a triumphant tour of the theater in Europe, Gordeev was awarded the “Best Choreographer of the Year” prize, and then the —Maurice Béjart Special Prize.
Gordeev, the director, sensitively and carefully approaches the great classics. For example, in the traditional production of Petipa, the number of swans on the stage – 24. This is not easy to implement, especially in terms of foreign tours. “Swan Lake” in the version of the theater “Russian Ballet” – this is a large-scale production, without cuts and cuts. On tour in Israel, the project employs 100 participants. And for the first time the performances will be performed by the artists of the first staff of the theater, which in itself is already an event for ballet fans.

Live music, live sound is the best setting for the impeccable skill of ballet dancers. Performances of “Swan Lake” in May – June 2022 will be accompanied by an Israeli symphony orchestra.

The repertoire of the Russian Ballet Theater includes “Swan Lake” occupies a special place. This is the most demanded performance in the repertoire of the famous ensemble. In November 2012, on the stage of the Russian Ballet Theater the 1000th anniversary performance of “Swan Lake” took place.

At the State Theater “Russian Ballet” its special, worthy place in world ballet. Among foreign and Russian ballet lovers, this team enjoys well-deserved popularity – at the level of the Bolshoi Theater and the Mariinsky Theatre.
One of the leading ballet companies in Russia (in the 1st cast!), amazing music by Tchaikovsky and virtuoso choreography by Petipa, in the original version and production by Vyacheslav Gordeev, luxurious scenery and costumes made by talented by artists I. Nezhny and T. Tulubyeva – this production has everything to become an adornment of the upcoming theatrical season!

* Performance accompanied by a symphony orchestra will take place in the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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