For the first time in Israel: international matriculation certificate for repatriates

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 First time in Israel: International Abitur for Immigrants

For the first time in Israel, the public education system provides an opportunity for immigrant schoolchildren to receive a matriculation certificate («bagrut») within the framework of the international IB program. Studying takes place in English at the Boyer School. in Jerusalem, one of the leading schools in Israel, belonging to the network of schools of the Aguda le-Kidum ha-Chinuch public organization, whose goal is to promote quality and innovative education in Israel, and with the support of the Trigub Institute.

 First in Israel: International Abitur for Immigrants

Enrollment for the next academic year (2023-2024) is in full swing for grades 10 (ages 15-16) and grades 11 (ages 16-17) – it is open to future repatriates who are just planning to immigrate to Israel, and to repatriates who stay up to 3 years in the country. In addition, at the end of November 2022, online preparation for studying in Israel will begin. Shahar Yanai, director of the IB program at the Boyer School: “Over the past year, many Russian-speaking high school students have repatriated to Israel without a basic knowledge of Hebrew – on the one hand, but striving to receive the best possible education and a prestigious matriculation certificate, on the other. The advantage of this program is that it is entirely in English, while students study Hebrew in the Ulpan in full, integrate into Israeli society and acquire a diploma that is recognized not only by all Israeli universities, but also by the most prestigious educational institutions abroad. Also, since the program is part of public education, it is subsidized.” Shalom Norman, CEO of the Trigub Institute: “The process of absorption in Israel is fraught with many difficulties. One of the most difficult hurdles for teenagers to face because of not knowing Hebrew is acquiring a quality education along with integrating into the local society. Therefore, it was very important for us to support this project, which allows new repatriates without language skills to receive a prestigious diploma that opens the door to all the leading universities of the country.

 First in Israel: International Abitur for Immigrants

The IB program is considered one of the highest quality in the world and is used in more than 5,000 leading schools around the world, including the British International School in Moscow, the Moscow School of Economics, the International School of Herzen University in St. Petersburg, etc. She has earned worldwide recognition for her focus on individual student growth and her success in nurturing creative and driven individuals ready for world-class higher education. Graduates of IB programs are more likely than graduates of other programs to get into the most prestigious universities.

 First in Israel: International Abitur for Immigrants

The pilot project of the program in the current academic year (2022-2023) is already successfully taking place in the secondary school. May Boyer. The program includes 6 disciplines – natural sciences, native language, English, mathematics, humanities and arts (optional). It is ideal for English-speaking students who want to gradually adjust to life in Israel in an inclusive and multicultural environment. The study takes place in small groups with a personalized and unique pedagogical approach, using varied and innovative methods. In addition, each student is accompanied by an academic advisor who builds the curriculum depending on the student's ambitions and plans. We emphasize that the studies are conducted by specially certified teachers who have passed certification of compliance with the IB program. There is also the opportunity to study in a boarding house (with accommodation on campus). For more information: Photos of the school: Konstantin Grosman

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