For the first time in a long time, a rare “walking” fish was spotted in Australia

A rare

A rare pink 'walking' has been spotted off the coast of Tasmania for the first time in 22 years fish from the species of brachyonychids, which is also called the “ fish-hand '' (handfish).

This type of fish lives only in Australia. Officials recently recognized as 'walking' endangered fish.

Scientists used to believe that brachyonichids are found in shallow water, but the pink “walking” the fish were found at a depth of 150 meters.

“This is an exciting discovery and gives hope for the continued survival of pink handfish, since it is obvious that they have a wider habitat and distribution than previously thought” said marine biologist Neville Barrett.

The fish got their name because their fins are like the hands with which they “ walk '' along the bottom.

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