For the birthday of Evgeny Arie

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 To the birthday of Evgeny Arye

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Lena Kreindlina, general director of the theater: “Today, our Master, Teacher, artistic director, Evgeny Arya would have turned 75 years old. Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate this date with him. He hasn't been with us for almost a year. But we honor and celebrate his name, his memory.
The name of the person who created our House, whose walls keep his image, thoughts, ideas.

 To the birthday of Yevgeny Arye

This year was dedicated to the memory of Yevgeny Mikhailovich.

In Gesher, his legendary performances are staged: “Dybbuk”, “Rab”, “Yakish and Pupche”.

theater stage. The exhibition dedicated to Yevgeny Aryeh will open on January 19, the anniversary of his passing.

In addition, the viewer will be able to look into the rehearsal workshop of Yevgeny Aryeh in a new documentary film, which will be released this year.
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