For service Steam appeared the trailer of the game drunk Santa Claus: video

На сервісі Steam з'явився трейлер гри-симулятора п'яного Санта-Клауса: відео

Drunk Santa Simulator
/ Video

The network has released the trailer of the game Drunk Santa Simulator is a simulator of a drunken Santa Claus. The announcement was made by the Warsaw Studio Live Motion Games.

The main task of the hero – to deliver Christmas gifts to children. They need to first produce, then fit the sled, and after that flying reindeer harnessed and managed so that they do not astray. And all this under the influence of alcohol.

Work Santi tired: elves assistants are lazy and stupid, children are bombarded with emails, and all just doing that to try to remove the wizard and upload to YouTube. To cope with all this helps alcohol.

In the simulator you can decide whether the child is worthy of the gift she asked for, or is it better to put some stuff. The exact date of release is still unknown, but the idea is that the output should take place just before the New year or Christmas.

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