For inspiration: how to turn the bathroom into a true Spa (PHOTOS)

What are your plans for tonight? We offer to arrange a session of relaxation and turn the bathroom into a home Spa.

To relax and gain strength after a hard working week, it is sufficient to take a hot bath, light some candles and be alone in a relaxed atmosphere.

The water is as blue as the ocean, if you add bath sea salt blue.

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Or use the colored bombs that dissolve quickly in water, they will make it bright and fragrant.

And the air foam can be made of ordinary shampoo or shower gel.

Rose petals will fill the bathroom with a pleasant floral aroma, and will give you a good mood.

Turn your bathroom into a true Spa: light some aromatic candles, put next to a bouquet of flowers, make a beautiful arrangement of tea lights.

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If there are no scented candles, just add a few drops of any aroma oil in the water.

Sweets, fruit, a glass of wine or favorite book will help even more to relax and tune in a positive way, and will transform ordinary baths into a romantic adventure.

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