Football team bus falls off bridge in Brazil

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 A bus with a football team fell off a bridge in Brazil

The bus fell off the bridge. In Brazil, a football team got into an accident: there are victims
In Brazil, a football team got into an accident (

In Brazil, on January 30, a bus carrying teenagers fell off a bridge while driving from the Rio de Janeiro amateur football team. As a result of the accident, 4 people died and 28 were injured, according to CNN.

It is noted that one adult and three children aged 14-17 were among the victims. In total, there were 28 teenagers, four adult passengers and a driver in the cabin.

After the bus fell from a height of 10 meters, rescuers had to use special equipment to free people trapped inside.

" Some of the wounded are in critical condition. One of those injured is a driver who has yet to tell what happened,” the journalists add.

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