Football hooligans attacked the players of real Madrid: the crowd was pacified by the police

Футбольные хулиганы атаковали игроков Реала: толпу усмиряла полиция

On the eve of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League a good night’s sleep the players of the Madrid club real were violated by the unauthorized action fans of the Dutch Ajax

Dutch ultras decided to stop rivals of his club to be at full strength for the important match.

The night before the first match of 1/8 final of the Champions League, the Dutch staged a fireworks show under the hotel where the players of real Madrid

Футбольные хулиганы атаковали игроков Реала: толпу усмиряла полиция

So the protesters decided to prevent players sleep before a game, because all the action occurred at night.

On the scene arrived the police. They, along with staff and security tried to subdue the raging crowd. Despite their common efforts to pacify the bullies and stop the volley of fireworks was only an hour and a half.

It is reported that four protesters were detained.

Earlier we wrote about that in the current League Champions will be introduced the long-awaited revolutionary system of videophones arbitrators. Technology VAR (Video assistant referee), which already operates successfully in the European Championships, will be used in the matches of the main club tournament of Europe, starting with the 1/8 finals.

How will the system of videophones referees in the Champions League, said a senior officer of UEFA refereeing Roberto Rosetti.

According to the football official, earlier the VAR system was tested on individual matches, as well as trained referees, so the referees are completely ready to use new technology.

“We are confident that this will benefit our tournaments. This would significantly assist judges and reduce the number of incorrect decisions. The arbitrators responded very positively. In the last few months we have conducted a number of courses with our leading referee. They welcomed any steps that will ultimately help them make the right decisions.

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We held a successful technical tests and trained referee. Then tested the VAR in separate matches and finished the preparation of all operational aspects. We are ready to use VAR in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League”, — quotes the words of Rosetti the official website for European football Union.

Earlier, UEFA has changed the start time in the Champions League this season.

As reported Politeka, the European football Union will also create a new tournament for European clubs. Its launch is to be held in season 2021/22.

Also Politeka wrote about how much will the miner for performance in the Champions League.

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