Football Dynamo joined the challenge with toilet paper, but something went wrong: video

Футболіст Динамо долучився до челенджу з туалетним папером, але щось пішло не так: відео

Vladislav Dubnik
/ instagram

Dynamo defender Vladyslav Dubnik, who plays for Karpaty in rent, failed to receive the call popular in the network challenge Stay home from teammate Bogdan Ledneva. Funny videos football player shared on Insagram.

Recently, the football stars are actively involved in the flash mob, Stay at home, which launched to the people around the world took to the streets without the need of and observe quarantine. The essence of the challenge is that the athlete should fill the toilet paper roll with the foot instead of the ball.

And Ukrainian players also join such action. In particular, the Dynamo player Vladislav Dubnik posted a video on his page on Instagram, where part of the flash mob he stuffed a roll, then repulsed him and he fell into the face of your beloved athlete.

“Take care of my girls,” signed video Dubnik.

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