Foods to avoid after exercise

Продукти, яких слід уникати після тренувань

Not all foods are equally useful after sport

Physical exercise depletes the body, challenge the muscles, so you need to “refuel” in order to maintain good health throughout the day. Eating the incorrect foods after a workout cancels almost all the good you have done for my body, and bring it back to lethargy and fatigue. Avoid these products!

Tell what products should be discarded immediately after a workout, not to feel sluggish and exhausted.

Sweet cocktails

There are many protein shakes and powders, advertised as healthy, but a lot of them contain too much sugar. Others have absurd levels of chemicals and artificial fillers. Before you take on a cocktail – read structure.

Продукти, яких слід уникати після тренувань

Pay attention to the composition of your cocktail

Sweet energy bars

Energy bars – a huge help when you need a quick bite. But the same problems haunt and brands of bars – too much sugar and “forbidden” ingredients. Go back to the previous paragraph and are carefully studying the composition.

Low carbohydrate foods

Carbohydrates are not the enemy, especially after a workout. The body requires carbohydrates as a source of ready fuel. Food after exercise to replace them.

Not all carbs are level. Highly processed sources of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, crackers) increase the level of sugar in the blood and quickly expire. The best choice for carbs after a workout – fruit.

Продукти, яких слід уникати після тренувань

After a workout is recommended to eat fruits

“Bananas, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries – great sources of carbohydrates. They have sufficient fiber to modulate the speed of falling of sugar in blood. It provides sustained energy throughout the day” – says the publication Safe Food to Eat.

Salty processed products

After a workout, there is a desire to eat something salty. It is not surprising, because during sports, we lose salt through sweat. Sodium works in conjunction with potassium to support kidney and to control blood pressure; potassium, along with water, is lost during training. The aforementioned banana and a handful of nuts along with a glass of water will return electrolu balance without adding processed sugar or chemical additives.

Take care of yourself and your health, and don’t forget to enjoy your favorite hits, time-tested Radio MAXIMUM.

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