Following Frankfurt and Munich, other cities want to cancel Waters concerts

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Roger Waters' German tour may not take place as several other cities are discussing following the example of Frankfurt and Munich and canceling the musician's upcoming concerts in support of BDS due to his anti-Semitism and support for Russia.

Following the example of Frankfurt, the city council decided to cancel Waters's concert on May 28 at the end of February, citing his longstanding support for BDS and his “ldquo” status “one of the world's most notorious anti-Semites”, the councils in Munich and Cologne want to take similar measures to prevent the singer from appearing in their cities.

In Munich, MPs hope they can take legal action to prevent the show.

A broad coalition of councilors in Kehl also issued a joint statement calling for the cancellation of Waters' May 9 show at the Lanxess Arena. Local politicians in Hamburg and Berlin have taken similar steps.

This month, the Jewish community of Porto, Portugal, called for the cancellation of two of Waters' exhibitions in the country, inviting him to visit the city's Holocaust Museum.
“Persecution of the Jews over millennia, based on ideas, religion, culture, race, money and success, in the modern period has turned into a hatred of the State of Israel”,– said in a community statement. “Waters knows that he has a great influence on his fans and that his ideas about Israel can arm the crowds who will shoot tomorrow”.

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