Follow your heart. Lyubov Sokolovski

Follow your heart. Lyubov Sokolovski

The life of each of us is like a journey. Whether we choose it, or it is us & ndash; is it so important? The pleasure that accompanies it is more important.
Attention, understanding and acceptance. Allowing yourself to accept every hint and every road on this journey.

Love Sokolovski. Artist, sculptor, writer, designer & hellip; A creative person. A special breed of people. They are always interested in everything, and there is always little of everything & ndash; and the smallest is always enough. And this is not a contradiction. It is a unity of many parts. An inquisitive mind that seeks answers, a soul that wants to incarnate in many forms. Life, consisting of many fragments & ndash; moving, changing countries, languages, professions & ndash; adds up to a complete picture. In Another Journey. This is the name of the recently published book by Lyubov Sokolovski, which was accepted with great success by the readers.

Follow your heart. Love Sokolovski

– How do you do it? How do you manage to choose exactly what suits you from the abundance of all these things? Let's talk about how your soul chooses its own paths. Words, book themes, painting space, what kind of sculpture should be born, what kind of decoration.

– How the soul chooses its own paths is still a mystery to me. But it is she, this mystery, that leads me through life. There were periods when I tried to act in accordance with the reasonable, accepted, expected, even succeeded, judging by purely formal results, but this never brought either satisfaction, or a sense of balance, or harmony within. I had to divide time and effort between what was “ reasonable '' and those that went beyond this rationality. Both one and the other were deprived. It is not at all easy to trust your aspirations, aspirations, feelings. I don't like it when people talk about self-love. Love & ndash; this is a vector that is directed away from you, comes from you and it's a pity to waste this unique human ability on yourself, but I believe that you need to treat yourself with respect, reckon with your needs and aspirations, trust yourself. The decision to follow the inner call came over the years. The road turned out to be not easy, but invariably interesting and, most importantly, without end and without edge. It always has a meaning, although at first it is usually unclear, vague. Understanding comes after, invariably with a sense of wholeness, joy of accomplishment, higher meaning, and then & hellip; very soon this anxiety arises again, a new goal appears ahead, without which for some reason it is impossible, which becomes vital, the most desirable and completely inexplicable, a kind of vision, a fata of Morgan … meaning always comes later. Well, if you try to speak in a more familiar language, then everything I do & ndash; it is my way of communicating with the world, my language, my way of accepting and understanding myself and the environment. One day, in the middle of the night, you wake up and realize that you have to go in this direction, the road goes beyond the horizon again and you have to get ready for the journey.

Follow your heart. Lyubov Sokolovski

– Books & ndash; that they are generally for you. Why did you “ exhale '' into the life of your books? What is the book-making process for you?

– I have been writing for a long time, but there are not many books yet. Hope there will be more. Any creative process, in my opinion, is when an overflow occurs inside, and it is impossible not to throw it out into the outside world. Sometimes these are paintings, sometimes poetry, sculpture, photography, multimedia, and sometimes books … Some of the above is a command of the moment, an impulse, and something requires a long period of accumulation and comprehension. Books & ndash; this is a long process, which cannot be accelerated, it is impossible to start ahead of time, it is impossible to decide, sit down and write & hellip; If you use your terminology, exhale a book that I really liked, then approaching the book requires a long, deep breath, immersion to the very depths of consciousness, and only then you can slowly, slowly exhale, savoring every particle of the outgoing breath. Exactly the outgoing & hellip; There is a sense of liberation, accomplishment and completeness in this. I like to work on a word, a syllable, to connect things associatively. The birth of a book is very akin to the birth of a child. But this child is one hundred percent of you and you are always responsible for him & hellip;

 Follow the call of the heart. Lyubov Sokolovski

– Which line from your books or poems did you describe yourself?

– I'm afraid that one line will not be enough here. Everything I do & ndash; this is me, in different guises. This is not selfishness or self-centeredness. Each of us contains a whole, huge world. The world perceived by us outside & ndash; it is a reflection of that part of our inner world that we have already managed to comprehend. The more we comprehend our inner world, the more it opens to us outside. Know thyself and you will know the gods and the universe. This is very clear and close to me. As in every universe, in any of us there are many facets that can hardly fit into one line, or one poem, or even one novel.

Follow your heart. Love Sokolovski

– When a decoration is born, what sounds in you? How do you feel that it took place? Does the process introduce the woman who will choose him? Do you have such a story that you created a piece of jewelry and the woman who bought it coincided in character with the image you represent? (By the way, this is an interesting topic for the novel)))

-A difficult question, rather even tricky for me & hellip; Creation of jewelry, design of clothes, interior & ndash; this is undoubtedly a creative process, but standing somewhat outside of the above. Of course, I get upset when something doesn't work out and even get angry with myself for failures, but in general – & ndash; this creativity is exclusively creative, a creation of beauty, aesthetics, the joy of life. I always say that there are things that seem like an idle waste of time to talk about, but I love doing them and get great pleasure from them. For example: cooking, shopping & hellip; In short, the things that are necessary in our life make it brighter, richer and more complete, without which it is practically impossible, and that is why it is a pity to waste words and precious minutes of communication on them. I get great pleasure in creating my jewelry, I treat them as works of art (if only because they are unique to me), but my attitude to the accomplished, accomplished decoration is very calm and evaluative.

I like to learn, to comprehend the intricacies of the craft, to overcome difficulties and imagine the next, which should turn out better and more perfect. Sometimes, having overcome the main tasks and created what was of the greatest interest to me in the created decoration, I leave it unfinished and take on a new one, based on the experience gained. I think that in the creation of jewelry, so far, I am more fascinated by the process and the pursuit of perfection. I am guided by my taste, by my understanding of aesthetics. And whether it has happened or not, I always determine by the feeling of peace in the soul. This is a very short period when the restless animal inside me calms down and says: “ This is good. '' Probably, this is what makes this creative process related to all others.

 Follow your heart. Love Sokolovski

– Minutes of stagnation, are there any? How do you use them? Moments of doubt & ndash; how do you take them and what do they become?

– “ Boredom & ndash; this is the fast of the soul, when the juices of life think about high things, do not sin by temptation. '' So with Voznesensky? There are practically no such minutes lately. More and more minutes that are not enough. There is so much you can do, and you don't want to miss out on family matters. But the moments of doubt & ndash; more than enough! For me, any undertaking is associated with chaos. First there is an idea, a vision, and then the process of studying, searching, learning. This is always accompanied by this agonizing chaos, doubts, disappointments, despair. The more I try to comprehend and understand, the thicker the fog and the more hopeless the future. Pleasant little & hellip; But one fine day, I open my eyes in the morning and everything is clear and understandable to me, as if a puzzle has formed, or an ideal sphere has formed and everything in it is familiar to me to the smallest detail, in every corner, at every point. The same state of rest. There is nothing better than this. It is always surprise and delight. True, this does not last long. I already know that this moment will certainly come, but the process of reaching it is still painful, although sometimes it is consciously supported. A kind of superstition, probably.

– When a book is written, a picture or decoration is created, what do you have inside? Is there a difference in feeling?

-General & ndash; it is a short-term feeling of peace. There is no that eternal anxiety, the state of the question, the search for the meaning of life, fear of meaninglessness, vegetation … Happened! And that very inner animal was satisfied, calmed down. A very temporary condition. After books or paintings, waves of rethinking, reflection, and sometimes very serious discoveries depart from him for some time. What I have created can sometimes tell me much more about me than I saw at first. These are processes when the subconscious, uncontrollable and free, comes to the fore and endows me with deep knowledge. From the created jewelry, if everything came together, there is also this feeling of peace, sometimes I even want to pat myself on the shoulder and say: well done, but this is more like a respite, and thoughts have already rushed to the next. I would say that in the case of jewelry, I pacify the animal, and with books and especially books, a huge and very hungry animal.

Follow your heart. Lyubov Sokolovski

– Do you live according to a predetermined schedule or is everything spontaneous (got up in the morning and how did your soul lead)?

– I honestly make a schedule for the day, in the morning, over a cup of coffee. I really like to check the boxes & ndash; done, but alas & hellip; it is more about everyday matters: call, buy, send, order & hellip; I get stuck where my soul leads inadvertently. If I find myself in my workshop, I will be stuck there for a day, and if I go to the library-study, and in front of the computer, I will continue to write. Sometimes plans coincide with what is happening, but these are coincidences. Weekly plans work better. However, for a long time I have not been sad or upset about this and sincerely believe that everything that happens makes sense.

– You are a creator and you are a business & ndash; how do you distinguish these parts in yourself, can you switch yourself from one to another? Is it easy? Or does the creator own more territory?

-I am afraid that the creator does not own a large territory, but has settled down in a proprietary manner throughout the foreseeable space. I'm not a businessman. Theoretically, this makes me sad. However, to my chagrin, the creator is clearly deaf …- I think the end of the 19th, the beginning of the 20th would suit me better than today. This is a time of discovery, anticipation and innovation. Belle & eacute; poque! The Silver Age of poetry, impressionism, new in art, literature, the foundations of psychology are laid, the dawn of sciences and philosophy. Time to ask the main questions of being. It is a pity that the end of this period was so deplorable. And also 68 years of the last century. A time of rebellion and freedom. However, this is more about missed opportunities & hellip; The age of technology seems simplistic and impersonal to me, although I use these technologies more than widely.

– Your inspirational ritual (if the inspiration gets lost)

– Calm, only calm! Immerse yourself in a book, go to the forest, do magic in the kitchen, whatever … It will certainly appear. In one form or another & hellip;

Lyubov Sokolovski now lives and works in Belgium. Her small garden is home to unusual sculptures created by her, and each has its own story. Moreover, they became heroes of the new book. And in the workshop & ndash; pieces of leather, stones, copper, silver, tools. It is here that new jewelry is born, which is so popular with its customers living in different parts of the world.

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