Folk omens on 8 Dec : Clement day

Usually people say that it was a Cold climate, as the weather really deteriorated, snowing, cold wind blew.

Народні прикмети на 8 грудня : Климентьєв день

In the Church December 8, is celebrated the memory of Pope Clement I, who belonged to the 70 apostles. He is very revered in the Orthodox Church for the reason that it is considered one of the first to preach in Russian lands, where he was exiled from Rome. According to historical records, Clement began to preach in the area of Sevastopol. About the life of Clement known not so much. According to reports, this man was born into a wealthy family of the Roman people. The parents of Clement shortly after his birth went to Athens by sea. But the ship was shipwrecked, with the result that Clement, his parents and three brothers survived, but lost each other. Clement thought that his family died and became long time to think about what happens after death. Thus he comes to God. Interestingly, only after the baptism of Clement still managed to find her parents. Overall, Clement was known for his piety and kindness.

The people said that Clement brings a harsh winter. There were many interesting take for this day. For example, it was believed that you can’t start work after Breakfast to work 8 Dec needed this on an empty stomach. This was due to the fact that, for example, the same threshing is difficult if the stomach is full – it will be difficult to bend, decrease the mobility.

8 it Dec women began to spin, sitting at the window, because of the abundance of snow the light was more than enough. The house without the need trying not to go, as said in this time about the house wolves are going. It is especially dangerous to go out in the dark. Time whiled away at work and crafts.

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Necessarily 8 Dec went to Church to pray to Saint Clement. Yes, mothers are often asked of the Holy protection for their children. In the evenings he gathered together the whole family, talked, sang songs. By the way, this time in the sheds continued thrashing.

There is a widespread belief in evil spirits, which was called Snap. Said that in the winter, including December 8, these spirits are chasing through the fields and blow into fists. Therefore, the cold North wind is their breath – these are signs! Snap knock on branches and trunks of trees, upon the frozen ground. In the summer they are usually asleep, but Wake up the winter with the first snow fall to the ground. Said did not like the stern spirit of those who complains about the cold, and could punish them with illness. Therefore, it was important to be always vigorous and cheerful – it was then that frost will award good health and a beautiful glow.

Folk omens on 8 Dec

  1. If it’s snowing, the summer will be rainy
  2. If the person was born on December 8, the talisman he needs to wear a rhinestone or corundum
  3. The frost on the river ice 8 Dec visible on top of the water – wait for warming and rain
  4. Large snow mounds with a strong frost in the frozen ground – signs that there will be a good harvest
  5. Early roosters heard on December 8 – will be warming
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