Folk omens on 7 December, the day of Catherine

According to ancient tradition, on this day began the so-called first carriage, in which were arranged a great festival in the first sledding.

Народні прикмети на 7 грудня: день Катерини

Catherine the people revered as the patroness of brides and marriage, therefore, not surprising that in this day often held a variety of divination and appointments for both business guys.

In the Church 7 Dec revered the memory of the Holy Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, who lived in III-IV grade Received an excellent education, Catherine studied the works of famous writers, philosophers and physicians, spoke several languages and had excellent oratorical talent. Was converted to Christianity by the Syrian monk. The legend says that after baptism, Catherine saw a dream in which she was to Jesus, presented a special ring. Then Catherine went to the ceremony of the sacrifice, which took place in a pagan temple on the initiative of the Emperor Maximilian. There Catherine called on those present to renounce sinful training. Amazed by the beauty of the girl, Maximilian, tried to stop it by persuasion, but later realized that it was useless, but because Catherine was subjected to torture. However, one of the instruments of torture were destroyed by the angel that came down from heaven. When it learned of Maximilian’s wife, she too believed in God and began to denounce her husband. As a result, she was executed along with Catherine.

7 Dec usually began celebrations on the sled. Sleigh first planted the newlyweds played a wedding last fall. By the way, on this day the young for the first time after the wedding were published in people. Behind the sleigh with the bride and groom usually rode a real motorcade, which was attended by relatives and friends. Be sure to arranged a feast. If he was not invited small children, they definitely sent the gifts – sweets and sleds. If someone couldn’t afford a sleigh ride, I took a plain Board and went to skate with slides or steep banks, going directly to the ice.

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December 7, the couple were the center of attention, and signs of this day is mostly associated with love and sympathy. Coming out of the house, they should have been sure to pass on the jacket turned with the fur outside – it will be protected from the evil eye. The girls wondered at her spouse. They broke a branch from an Apple tree and put it under the pillow. It is possible to dream of narrowing. Also, she could take any thing that belongs to a cute guy, and then roll in circles around her, a loaf to the guy in exactly the same circles around the house went. By the way, December 7, the guy could claim my sympathy, and invited the girl to ride on the sled. People looking to someone who most often sits in a sleigh on December 7, and based on this, speculate who you must be his wife.

Folk omens on 7 Dec

  1. Clear weather at Katherine – will be a cold winter
  2. Warm weather – frost will hit only on the Varvarin day (after 17 December)
  3. If the person was born on December 7, the talisman is the onyx
  4. Thaw and fog 7 Dec portend of frost after 10 days
  5. Snow fell on dry land – winter journey will rise, and next year will be lean
  6. Cows shaking back legs – waiting for a cold snap
  7. Circles round the moon foretell frost
  8. Sunlight beams rush up – will begin soon Blizzard
  9. The little stars in the sky will be a sign to what will soon be snow
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