Folk omens on 6 December: day Mitrophan

In the Church December 6, is celebrated the memory of Mitrofan of Voronezh, which is known as the Bishop of the Orthodox Church, who lived in the XVII-XVIII century and is one of the saints.

Народні прикмети на 6 грудня: день Митрофана

Mitrofan was born in the family of pious parents, had a son and was married. However, widowed at age 40, and then decided to go to Zolotnikovskaya the desert to take the tonsure and become a monk. Much later, he even became the Abbot of the local monastery. In 1682, becoming Bishop of Voronezh. It is known that he was very concerned about how to strengthen the position of Orthodoxy and the Church, fought with the old believers, actively engaged in the creation of new monasteries and to take all measures in order to raise the moral and spiritual level of the clergy.

From the day Mitrophan, December 6, judged about what will be weather in the summer. Usually at this time staged noisy celebrations. People baked cakes, brewed beer. Sometimes baking ingredients collected throughout the village. All gatherings December 6, followed by games and entertainment. Noted the final establishment of the sledge journey in the snow.

Interesting was another ritual by which Gad the 6th of December, about when to expect a person from military service. This caught the spider and put it in a jar. Tightly closed jar and watched the spider alive after 6 days. If he stays alive, and a soldier all will be well. Besides, if the spider after he was released, he began to spin a web, has said that soldiers will return home soon.

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Folk omens on 6 Dec

  1. North wind is blowing, the sleet Mitrophan on 6 June the wind will also go, and the day will be rainy
  2. If the person was born on the day Mitrophan on December 6, it will be an excellent hunter and good luck will accompany him all his life. As a talisman, a man must wear sapphire
  3. Very fine snow is falling, the wind is blowing from North side on June 6 will be cold rain
  4. A few clouds on 6 December – a sign that there will be a cold but clear weather
  5. The sun hides behind the clouds – there will be a storm.
  6. Clear and month you can also see foreshadows a snowstorm in winter
  7. If the tops of the deciduous trees turned pink and stood up, the winter is not very harsh
  8. Low clouds in the sky – soon it will be cold
  9. Around the moon visible pink and dim rings – a sure indication that there will be frosts
  10. Clouds “burn” at sunset – it heralds clear weather
  11. From the sky came the noise – will be a Blizzard
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