Fly even when it's impossible

Fly even when it's impossible

The total number of executive flights this year has increased by 6%. And this at a time when civil aviation has cut flights by 34%.

The volume of deliveries of private aircraft, according to manufacturers' reports, increased by 16%, according to Channel 12. And this is a worldwide trend. For example, in the United States, visiting a congress or exhibition on a private jet is no longer a surprise. It was previously thought that a business flight was a product for oligarchs. Now, more and more countries are announcing the expansion of the private flight market, announcing a real boom in the industry and services.

Today the Israeli aerospace industry unveils its latest model, the Gulfstream 280G. In the past, the company has still debated whether or not to enter this market at all. The realization that the crown would not disappear from our lives soon led to the decision to keep moving forward. And the company was right.

“This is a pretty exclusive club. And you will hardly find another such company today that provides a similar service, & rdquo; – proudly says Zvika Steiman, Director of Aviation Business. “ This plane will be able to cross the ocean both upwind and upwind. The flight range is about 6,700 kilometers. ”

The aircraft is easy to operate. If you, for example, take off from Tel Aviv, you can fly to Moscow and even further, or, if you like, take a flight to the East, to the new friends of Israel. It costs $ 20 million to assemble a basic Gulfstream, but at the request of the customer, the machine can be “ stuffed '' so that it will cost 50 million dollars. It all depends on the wishes and needs. Well, and, of course, on financial opportunities.

Today, such mini-jets are also means of transportation for giant corporations such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Costco and so on. And 80% of our current customers are just giant companies.

& ldquo; In addition, our plane has a luggage compartment, which is not in other planes, says Steiman. – There is also a kitchenette. If your flight lasts 6-7 hours, then you can get a stewart to serve passengers & rdquo ;.

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