Fluid larger than 100ml cannot be carried in hand Luggage

Які рідини об'ємом у понад 100 мл можна перевозити у ручній поклажі

In your hand Luggage you can take liquids larger than 100 ml

Experts have called the liquid, which is allowed to carry in hand Luggage with a volume of 100 ml. Immediately we will note that for the transportation of some of them will need documents. But this is not so important, since it is about important to the life of the fluid.

The majority of passengers always take with you on the plane hand Luggage. And each of them have to adhere to many rules regarding what is allowed to carry on Board. The most stringent requirements are used worldwide for carrying liquids. Travelers can have a capacity of not more than 100ml, and all must be placed in one transparent plastic bag.

In fact, in these rules there are a few exceptions. Experts note: some of the liquid, the safety system without problems miss, despite the fact that they exceed the volume of 100 ml. In the first place, it concerns medical devices. States about liquid medications and syringes for subcutaneous injections, inhalers, packets with a cooling gel, special food and fluids necessary to the passenger for medical reasons. For transporting such liquids it is necessary when undergoing the security check to present supporting documentation from the appropriate medical professional e.g. a doctor’s note or copy of prescription. It should be borne in mind that airport personnel may need to open containers of drugs to be tested.

Які рідини об'ємом у понад 100 мл можна перевозити у ручній поклажі

In your hand Luggage you can carry liquid medicines

When passengers are traveling with a child, they are allowed to take on Board the required amount of baby food, milk, infant formula and sterilized water. Any specific restrictions on the volume of such liquid products is not legally exist, however, before the flight to get better acquainted with the rules in force at the particular airport, – experts explain. Containers of baby food, the security personnel may also be required to open the passage of the inspection.

There are liquids, which are prohibited in hand Luggage, even if their volume is less than 100ml. these include oxidizers and organic peroxides, acids and alkalis, corrosive or bleaching substances (including mercury and chlorine), automotive batteries, fuel system, liquid means for self-defense (e.g. pepper spray), radioactive materials, poisonous or toxic substances (e.g., surace poison), biological, hazardous liquids, flammable substances and fire extinguishers.

I hope that this list will allow you to travel with comfort of the aircraft and the control will not turn into something uncomfortable and unpleasant!

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