Florida man tried to shoot tenant who fell asleep in his daughter's bed

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 Florida man tried to shoot tenant who fell asleep in his daughter's bed < /p>

Police in Cape Coral, Florida, responded to a call that Dwayne Victor Miller, a 44-year-old resident of the area, shot and killed two people in his home through his bedroom door, reports local news sources.

Miller called police to report that his roommate was naked in his teenage daughter's bedroom. According to local news source KKTV, the victims – the couple who rented the room from Miller, as well as Miller himself, were drunk earlier that evening.

The man reportedly entered the teen's bedroom and tried to sleep next to her in the nude.“As soon as the girl— the teenager realized that a naked man was sleeping next to her, she went to Miller to inform him of what had happened; she did not claim that a crime had been committed against her”, — police told Fox News.

The roommate's wife woke him up to tell him he was awake in his bedroom, KKTV reported. ;I'll kill you' trying to enter the locked bedroom.

According to Fox News, after failing to enter, Miller fired his gun three or four times.

no incident reported.

Miller was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting at an apartment building, according to KKTV.

there was a problem. What happened to his daughter and everything else… it's a little worrisome. I didn't even know they were renting a room in this house,” — neighbor Monica Taylor told NBC2 News.

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