Florida man dies from tap water containing brain-eating amoebas

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 Florida man dies from tap water containing brain-eating amoebas

A man in Florida died after contracting a brain infection known as Naegleria Fowleri, which he contracted while rinsing his nose with unboiled tap water earlier this week.

“Naegleria fowleri infects people when it enters the human body through the nose. This usually happens when people swim or dive in fresh water. The amoeba then travels to the brain, where it destroys brain tissue and causes a devastating infection called PAM, which is almost always fatal.

Chlorine prevents amoebas from living in fresh water. However, if the chlorine level is too low, there is a risk that microorganisms can live in it. Up to 5 people are infected with amoeba every year, with a mortality rate of 97%. From 2012 to 2021, only two people became infected with amoeba while washing their nose.

Only salt, distilled, or boiled water is recommended to irrigate the nose. loosen thick mucus. It also relieves nasal symptoms of sinus infections, allergies, colds and flu. Plain water can irritate the nose. The saline solution allows water to pass through the delicate nasal membrane with little to no burning or irritation”.

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