Florida graffiti claims Jews are calling for war with Russia

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 Florida graffiti claims Jews are calling for war with Russia

Plate reading “Dear Jews, stop promoting war with Russia!” written in large handwriting, was posted in Miami, Florida this weekend, StopAntisemism reported on Twitter. that Jews are either behind the Russian-Ukrainian war or pushing for an escalation of the war is not new.

The ADL Anti-Defamation League wrote on its website back in March 2022 that “extremists and anti-Semites of all ideological Spectra used the war as fodder to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”.

These accusations have always proved to be baseless attempts to stir up antipathy towards the Jewish people.

However, the sign also bears the word Nazi” with an arrow pointing to large text that appears to have been written by another person.

There is another inscription here, written in red marker, in which the original author of the graffiti accepts the accusation of Nazism.
< br /> “Okay, but stop pushing for war with Russia”, – he writes back.

The incident points to a trend towards acceptance of anti-Semitism in both political dialogue and the mainstream.

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