Flight to Mars is cancelled: what happened to the colonists of the red planet

Полет на Марс отменяется: что случилось с колонизаторами красной планеты

The Swiss company Mars One Ventures that promised to send to the Red planet colonists in the mid-2020s, ceased to exist

This publication reports “Hvil”.

Was in Basel Mars One Ventures from the very beginning of its noisy activities caused a lot of skepticism among experts. It was announced that the company will select volunteers and after a series of preparatory robotic missions sent to Mars team of the first settlers of “one way ticket”. They will begin exploration of the neighboring planet, and the project work will provide contributions a reality show about the life of the team.

However, a few years ago the Mars One project was launched, but his representatives announced the selection of hundreds of volunteers, the “short-list” of future flight participants — among them were representatives of Russia. Despite this, many experts continued to say that necessary for such an expedition the technology is not yet ready, and the organization will cost much more than any profit that could be derived from a TV show. No wonder the plans of Mars One has been repeatedly postponed. Initially, the first robotic mission was to be launched in 2018, then in the early 2020s, and then transported to 2031.

Полет на Марс отменяется: что случилось с колонизаторами красной планеты

And in early 2019, the Network users drew attention to the published by the city authorities of Basel, the message on bankruptcy of Mars One Ventures. The decision was taken on January 15, and the founder of the project, Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, confirmed this to reporters. Apparently, the innovator does not despair; besides the burnt of the enterprise, the project was implemented nonprofit Foundation Mars One Foundation. He continues to exist and, it seems, has surprised the world new exciting plans.

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Полет на Марс отменяется: что случилось с колонизаторами красной планеты

Earlier it was reported that NASA has revealed a new photo taken by the Rover’s space Agency’s Curiosity Rover to create this unique picture, the Rover had to climb to altitude.

NASA has posted a video panorama of Mars. It was made by American Rover Curiosity, this was reported on the official website space Agency.

Recall that the astronaut is sure that NASA will not cope even with the lunar program.

Yet it was reported that the designer has developed a face model of a person living on Mars.

In addition, it was reported that a new spacecraft mission, the Mars Cube One (MarCO) NASA received the first images of the red planet. They were launched so-called differ in small parameters and low cost.

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