Flight from Dubai: “He spoke ugly to the crew and ran around the cabin”

 Flight from Dubai: “He spoke ugly to the crew and ran around”

Former Israeli President Reuven Rivlin was returning with his partner from Dubai on ElAl's Dreamliner. As a result of the crisis in the passenger traffic arrangements between Israel and the UAE, ElAl was forced to combine several flights into one.

Passengers who were forced to fly on the same flight with the former president were unpleasantly disappointed by his behavior, “he spoke inappropriately to the crew and in protest, he ran from one end to the other with his bodyguards”. And all because Rivlin turned out to be dissatisfied with the seats he received.

The former president was given two seats in business class, but he was outraged by not sitting with their partner.

Passengers on the flight stated that, in protest, “Rivlin walked to the back of the plane and sat down in a seat belonging to the flight attendants at the end of the plane, and then sat down in the seat of the flight attendants at the beginning of the plane. All this time, his guards were walking back and forth. Rivlin was nervous, talking inappropriately to flight attendants, and acting childish and angry.

Former President Rivlin has not yet commented on the incident, while El Al tactfully refrained from commenting.

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