Flight attendants forced to strip down to their underpants

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 Flight attendants were forced to strip down to their underpants

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The Spanish Ministry of Labor is investigating a report published by Spanish publication elDiario.es alleging that Kuwait Airways required flight attendant candidates to strip down to their underwear when applying for jobs.

Bianca, a future flight attendant who was interviewing for an airline at Madrid's Melia Barajas hotel in November 2022, said this.
smile” and “Your body is like a rollercoaster”.

According to the flight attendant, the selected group she was part of was ordered to enter the room one at a time. They were then asked to unbutton their shirts and pull up their sweaters and skirts. Bianca said job applicants had to stand in just their underwear for a recruiter to examine their bodies, an illegal practice in Spain. Recruiters needed this to “see scars, birthmarks, birthmarks or tattoos”.

elDiaro.es contacted three other women who participated in the selection of personnel for Kuwait Airways in Spain, and all of their responses corroborated the flight attendant's testimony. On January 4, 2022, Kuwait Airways released an official statement.

“Kuwait Airways has been using the same third-party flight attendant agency as 90% of local airlines for the past five years. Our airline has a spotless reputation for 68 years since its inception”, – Kuwait Airways said in a statement.

“We would like to emphasize that Kuwait Airways cannot tolerate any process that humiliates any person. A full investigation is currently underway, and appropriate action will be taken based on its results”,– the company promised.

According to Spanish news outlet La Vanguardia, Meccti, the third-party company responsible for Kuwait Airways' selection of candidates, denied the allegations and said it would sue Bianca.

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