Five years in paradise: A woman who survived clinical death shared what she saw

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Dr. Linda Kramer, a near-death experience of more than fourteen minutes, in an interview with NDE Diary, claims to have seen a mountain range “30,000 times the size of Mount Everest” in the afterlife.

On the morning of May 6, 2001, Linda was clinically dead. But she is sure she was in heaven “for five years” while the paramedics rescued her. Dr. Kramer claims she hovered over the paramedics saving her body and then proceeded to explore the afterlife, where she could take any form she wanted. choice.

“I found myself standing in a field of flowers and watching a mountain range 30,000 times higher than Everest. I also saw buildings that made Dubai's skyscrapers look like miniature huts. I could see everything in a panoramic view”, – Linda remembers. “I have interacted with people, becoming them”.

Some people have been known to regard NDEs as dreams or hallucinations of a dying brain. However, descriptions of near-death experiences are surprisingly consistent across culture and time.

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