Five people burned alive in their home: the cause of the fire is ridiculous

Пять человек заживо сгорели в своем доме: причина пожара нелепая

Firefighters found fire on the bodies of five people

The incident occurred in Primorye (Russia).

In the Shkotovsky district around midnight lit one-storey private house on an area of 70 square meters. When firemen have coped with fire, then under the collapsed slabs, the bodies were found.

Пять человек заживо сгорели в своем доме: причина пожара нелепая

Died 1959, born in 1956, born in 1981, 1982 year of birth, born in 1971.

Experts say that the fire started because of ridiculous reasons — extinguished cigarette.

As previously reported, the people of Kiev were victims of fire disaster in a candy store. February 15, the capital’s residents noticed the fire, which is actively extinguished by rescuers.

The incident occurred in the premises of the store “Roshen” on the street Sribnokilskaya. The fire severely damaged the interior of the shop, begrimed window through posters. Information on the causes and the victims of the disaster yet.

As reported by witnesses, firemen, rescuers of gschs arrived promptly on the scene and began to liquidate ignition. Even in the presence of the flame died down and made an attempt to break out. One of the firefighters tried to put out the fire at the entrance to the room with his boot, but to no avail.

On the same day in the capital lit up the national aviation University. At approximately 9:50 a fire broke out in the basement a four-story building on the Avenue Komarova. Soon, the experts found that the fire occurred in a utility room where there were tables and office equipment.

Пять человек заживо сгорели в своем доме: причина пожара нелепая

Firefighters evacuated 5 persons who, at the time of the fire were in the basement. Less than an hour, they managed to localize and eliminate the fire. However, the furniture, office equipment and the building structure is severely damaged.

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The students said on social networks that during the incident the emergency exits were closed. Affected about 30 minutes of waiting until you get the keys and release them from the burning University. During this time, students have time to absorb dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. At the same time, the fire alarm siren was silent, and the management companies didn’t even report the alarm, which created danger to life of people.

Fortunately, no injuries.

Recall that a terrible fire claimed the lives of seven children: the first details of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, a fire broke out in a warehouse of pyrotechnics, illuminating the sky a huge fireworks display.

Also Politeka wrote about the biggest fires of last year.

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