Five people arrested in a parking lot in Beer Yaakov with loaded guns

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 Five people arrested in a parking lot in Be'er Yaakov with loaded guns< /p>

The police arrived at the underground parking lot and identified one of the suspects, who was holding a gun. They fired into the air and stopped the gang, laying them on the ground. The suspects were also found in possession of a shotgun, a knife, an axe, and a surveillance device.

On January 12, police announced that they had foiled an attempted murder in Beer Yaakov and arrested five suspects in a car park who were in possession of two loaded handguns, stocking hats, a surveillance device, and other weapons.

Ramla police launched a massive search after receiving reports of suspects moving around in the underground parking lot. When they arrived, they noticed several suspects and determined that one of them was holding a gun.

“An arrest was made immediately, accompanied by shooting in the air, all the suspects were laid on the ground for detention,” police said.

After searching the car, the police found another loaded pistol, stocking hats and military weapons, including a shotgun, a knife and an axe, as well as a surveillance device. Five – four residents of the center and another suspect from the Haifa area – were arrested for questioning and eventually taken into custody.

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