Five causes of loss of vitality

Few people today argue that every person has its own energy. No wonder they say that someone has good energy, but someone bad. But that’s not all – our happiness, quality of life, success, relationships with people is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of our energy. How not to waste energy for nothing? And how to learn it restock?

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Once happened with me amazing epidersiya. After a year and a half break at the gym due to a sharp fall in energy as a result of overloads caused by professional activities, I returned to a favorite gym. Gained energy, improved their health with acupressure-massage and continued support of master Tzu and “relapsed”, ie, dumbbells and exercise machines.

A few days after returning he went to his teacher, all shiny muscle pleasure and a pleasant tone. Xiaogang stared at me and suddenly asked with concern in her voice, “What happened to you?” And happened to me great physical pleasure and, as a consequence, excitation of the brain. “Nothing – I say – wrong. I’m fine!” However, the wizard insisted, “What happened? You have the energy has changed. It is not even clear what a strange transformation!”

Of course! Transformation hoo!

I’m a year and a half could not raise the dumbbell, because a huge force was on the establishment of seminars, writing books and articles, daily answers to dozens of letters… And then a miracle happened – the energy once again filled a significant part of my personal volume, and it gave me the strength to not only work tirelessly and energetically without loss to themselves to pump a considerable audience of seminar participants, but also to keep a “piece” for a good exercise.
This “stash” I decided to use, keeping the hardware in capable and experienced hands. Still 20 years of regular training is no joke! And suddenly – such a reaction of the teachers! I thought master encroached on the sacred! Although, to be fair, of course, I overdid the load for the first time and threw from a full Cup a fair share of precious energy content.

But everything that happens in the life of the writer Lisa Perkey is not the problem, and themes! So I decided to talk to the master about what circumstances affect the energy status, and what are the main causes of energy losses. As me as an author in the time was concerned about the influence of the Hara, or lower energy center, located in the region behind the navel, on the General state of energy and the conversation was exactly about this important Foundation of our energy structure.

By the way, from the point of view of the Japanese, the lower energy center, the Hara is not only a specific anatomical localization of vital energy, but also a certain quality of life.

Developed’hara provides the individual success in all spheres of its implementation. We can say that Hari depends on the level of ability both in the spiritual and in the material sense. Accordingly, the weaker the Hara, the less likely to succeed and develop your personality.

Once I had to talk on the Hara with a student, JI Syaogana, Vice-President of the Federation of Wushu and qigong Evgeny Voronin. Coach with years of experience watching different groups of people, implemented in different occupational niches, and have noticed that in any field there are so-called “naturalists,” that is, people with high energy levels, lies in their nature from birth.

These professionals become the best in the profession, it is usually possible to achieve such results, which for colleagues with the same experience and education seem unattainable and impossible. The same thing happens with people who received the gift from the Creator powerful’hara. Them with confidence can be called lucky.

In those individuals in which the power of the Hara were much less fortunate, have the right to choose to increase his natural power, or to blow what little they got. Since the vast majority of “users” own the lower energy center has no idea about its existence nor about the “operating rules” that ensure long-term effective action of the battery vitality, flow prevails over the income, and vital energy as the years fades away.

And with the fading energy fades away and success, both social and personal. Particularly dramatic this loss becomes for women who, because of energy losses become less interesting for men, and even strong marital relationships begin to undergo a serious test. Even more difficult for those Mature feminem who, for various reasons, were abandoned by their loved ones and embarked on the path of finding a new happiness, being already not young ladies.

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If you want to look and feel energetic, stay alert, favorite and in demand even in a Mature age, I suggest you use the recommendations of the master Dao JI Syaogana. We denote the five reasons of a significant drop energy level and it leaks through the lower part of the body, as well as outline the several ways of preserving and increasing its own energy balance.

First of all specify that for a healthy and fulfilling physical activity is not only lower energy center, but also the internal organs that fall in the “lower chambers” of our body.

With five U-Sin system, consisting of five solid organs, the responsibility for our wellbeing take on, primarily of the kidney as the main battery of vitality, and in addition, the liver and spleen. These three on the famous Chinese Pentagon somehow dependent on power.

The first reason for the loss of energy – lack of a culture of food and the destruction of traditions, historically established in a particular country.

This refers to a situation in the world with its attraction to various forms of fast food and lots of fried, fatty, salty and sweet. To change the ritual of the meal come new traditions saturation of the stomach with food of dubious quality, and low energy values. Speaking about the energy values, we do not mean the food calorie, namely the number of vital, the vital energy contained in it. For example, millet porridge, boiled in water, contains more usable energy than a piece of meat, although the caloric content of meat higher.

The imbalance of food significantly affects not only the processes of digestion and filling the body with energy. Paradoxically, food affects our character. For example, excess salt affects the kidneys, and weak kidneys give rise to fears, anxiety and pathological anxiety.

Too much sugar in the diet – is no less dangerous factor, the sugar destroys the spleen, and disorders of this organ leads to heart-breaking soul doubts that poison the existence and inhibit personal growth, influence the dynamics of success. Abuse of alcohol destroys the liver, and problems in the liver give rise to anger and aggression.

In modern psychotherapy there is a belief that the lack of skill deter aggression, inability to cope with their fears and anxieties, the inability to clearly Express their feelings and emotions often associated with a particular dysfunctional behavior that arose as a result of the incompleteness of the various tasks of development in early childhood.

Without diminishing the importance of quality living for all stages of identity formation, I want to note that psychotherapy does not consider the possibility of interaction between individual personality traits and power.

Of course, the representatives of Western science such a connection may seem absurd, but centuries of practical experience of the Ancient East has no less right to existence and use in modern methods of treatment than the most promising modern theory, some of which is based, incidentally, on ancient Oriental culture.

It is strange that the theory of gestalttherapie, one of the youngest, but the most effective areas of psychotherapy has much in common with Zen Buddhism or Chan Buddhism, if you follow the Chinese phonetic system. So basically all of the promising doctrine, it does not say, have Eastern roots, or are closely interwoven with the philosophy of the Ancient East.

The second reason for the loss of energy – a violation of the day regimen and mode of life in General.

In Taoist philosophy there is a theory of the twelve channels. The theory is based on the fact that each body has a certain system, the energy channel that runs throughout the body. The impact on these channels helps to normalize the functioning of an organ, to cope with the arisen disease or significantly improve health.

The intensity of the channels is not uniform and depends on time of day, month and time of year. During the day, each channel is active for 2 hours. Violation of the regime of the day, which is considered universal in the West and in Oriental medicine, leading to disorders in the organs and weakening their energy.

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For example, 23 PM to 01.00 – time operation of the gallbladder. If you’re not asleep before 23 o’clock, your attempts to move quickly to the Morpheus can lead to a complete fiasco, because it is a time of natural activity. But after 01.00 need to try to sleep, as from 01.00 to 03.00 the time comes for liver. The liver is responsible for the condition of the blood, so human health is closely linked to the ability to give the liver a complete rest and relaxation at this time. Otherwise, gradually deteriorating the quality of the blood, and there are regular failures throughout the system that lead to premature aging and common illnesses. Especially important to have a peaceful sleep for women, which each month lose some blood volume and in need of effective work of the hematopoietic system.

Equally important is the mode of life in General, proportional to the alternation of rest and work, relax after a long stress and a compulsory vacation every year. Equally important is the switch from one activity to another. Personally, I’ve noticed that even the alternation of periods of training seminars and work books is beneficial to health.

And if you switch to a brand of other creative products such as art works, stories or poems, then fatigue do not occur because different processes follow each other before accumulated fatigue from monotonous work. But even with this ecological approach, we must not forget about the complete disconnect from the professional activity at least one day a week and at least a couple of weeks a year.

The third cause of energy loss is lack of exercise, lack of physical activity.

Won’t overload your mind with information about the problem of the twenty-first century, you probably already quite aware that a sedentary job seriously undermines your health. The insidiousness of inactivity is that it causes a slow loss, without causing almost any trouble. Your health just fades away, even if you follow the routine and regime of work and rest and eat right.

As a visitor of fitness centers and a fan of various types of aerobic narosky, often watching the women’s movements during the dance lessons types of aerobics. Such impression that at them under a bright shape – iron armor, which are rigidly fixed the lower part of the body, not allowing her to move freely.

The freedom of movement in the pelvic region you can easily judge the sexual liberation of young women. Not about promiscuity and vulgarity, namely about the lack of stiffness. Stiffness in the movements – symptom of the fact that the energy in this region is locked, therefore, the sensibility is also reduced, as a rule.

Easiest way to combat physical inactivity and dance breaks with the emphasis on “wagging ass” in different directions, left – right and forward – back. At the party such wild dances may not always be perceived adequately, they are likely to seem provocative, and provocatively dancing Horny human females away from the male eyes it is possible to afford to move as nature dictates.

Salacious looks than these movements, the more their naturalness and sexuality. And if you attend classes of aerobics-style “strip dance” or “latina”, then feigned vulgarity will grow in grace and seductiveness and sexual energy you have will increase. In General, do not clamp from the bottom, allow the energy to fill your most erotic body part! However, do not drive yourself to the stage of excitation, which leads to the loss of energy is filling.

The same emotions in a limited number can be curative, and in abundance – empty. Energy should remain under control and not to flow through a natural orifice, and for this purpose and the tone of intimate muscles should be always on top.

In this part of the conversation with master JI I opened a mystery trip to the gym. It turns out that the work in the gym or with dumbbells is basically all the same loss of energy for the muscle tone. A noble goal, the path to it is unreasonable from the point of view of ancient Chinese medicine that stands for a long life and maximum energy conservation, this nature. Youth tend to mindlessly waste energy, not realizing the consequences that may result from such generosity in the future. But sooner or later the healthy shell can be “empty”, as new computer model, with the battery which does not charge.

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I got from the wizard a few guidelines that will help me maintain muscle tone, but not to be untimely is de-energized. First, it is better to exercise in the fresh air. The optimal form of aerobic exercise – Jogging. If you can not run, simply intense to walk.

From dynamic forms especially useful in squats, but not any, but only at a slow pace and maintaining a balance in the center of the body. This technique requires a special description, and we advise you to experiment, without knowing all secrets. This is the case when the main meaning is in the details.

The fourth reason of energy loss is women functions, not provided by nature.

Involuntary assignment of women in men’s roles has a detrimental effect on energy balance. To organically exist in a man’s world, will inevitably have to use a Yang, active, hot energy is much more than that prescribed in the “instructions for the safe exploitation of women,” written by the Creator.

It is impossible to hinder progress, and if women’s social role is becoming increasingly important, simply do not forget that the violation of the laws of nature entails certain not always positive consequences. But you shouldn’t be afraid, it is important to remember that the balance of Yin and Yang has not been canceled, and Yang energy is important to balance the energy of Yin.

The proportions of this “mixture” to establish yourself, to your taste, depending on how it is important for you to be a woman, loved, desired and sought after men, depending on how much you are important conservative values – a happy marriage and not less happy motherhood.

Crowns the list of reasons for our energy devastation “through the bottom of the” dramatic news: sex is bad! Yes, this is not a joke.

Fifth cause of energy loss – impulsive sex without understanding the laws of energy work.

After the act of mad love, the man who is “without mind”, that is, without the slightest consciousness of the meaning of the process, often leads to fatigue. Fatigue is a symptom of energy costs without recharge.

In principle, a sexual relationship is a great way to collect energy and filled with forces, but this does not necessarily connect some bumps with some more or less suitable or entirely unsuitable cavities. “Sex” is the word in English and refers to the behavior of the individual in accordance with belonging to one of two sexes. “Sex” is “sex”.

But the intimate relationship between a man and a woman is a special behavior in a certain situation that has some kind of sacred character. In General, what has become of the sexual relations until the early 20th century, far from the sacraments. Sex ceased to be a science worthy of study and careful preparation to practice. So no gain from this interaction is not expected, only waste.

On this sad note we will finish the study of the ways in which disappears the greatest treasure given to us by nature. But, as usual in the philosophy of the Tao, every phenomenon is Yin and Yang, inner and outer side. Niska side of the issue – the sad list of the reasons of our rapid aging and loss of vital juices, which turn any creature to a life that’s full of charm, which like a magnet attracts men.

Similarly, due to the stored energy, the creature turns into a man of women’s dreams. And if the creature is not aware of the above-described laws, it transformirovalsya in a gray shadow that does not notice even deprived of love Femina, which is located on the edge of sexual desperation.

Yang side of this problem is our ability to radically change everything for the better. Just enough to stop leakage of precious energy. Great news – now you know exactly how to do it. So, go ahead, vigorous and happy new life!

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