Five Bedouins arrested for kidnapping 22-year-old man

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 Five Bedouins arrested for kidnapping 22-year-old man

Police on Monday arrested five Bedouins living in the Negev on suspicion of kidnapping a 22-year-old man from Jerusalem the previous night.

Technical means were used as part of the operational investigation and special units in order to find the abductee as soon as possible and end the incident without casualties.

The car in which the abductee was located was in the Abu Talul settlement in the Negev. to the kidnapping, roadblocks were set up and a chase was organized for the kidnappers, during which the suspects rammed a police car. As a result, two policemen received minor injuries.

The chase for the suspects ended off-road when one of the attackers' cars overturned. The suspect was pulled out of the overturned car with minor injuries.

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