First time in Israel! Led Zeppelin Symphonic

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 First time in Israel! Led Zeppelin Symphonic

In the middle of the last century, when rock began to conquer the hearts of people around the world, it was often opposed to classical and, in particular, symphonic music. Several decades have passed, and now rock has its own classics, heavy metal bands quote the great composers of the past, and symphony orchestras perform modern rock compositions. And, of course, the listeners benefit from all this…

On November 17, Israel will host the unique Led Zeppelin Symphonic show for the first time. Three famous British musicians – Peter Eldridge, Jess Smith and Molly Marriott of London's West End – will perform the best works of Led Zeppelin, accompanied by their rock band and the Raanana Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Sidwell from London.

After the phenomenal success of the show at the London Palladium and the Acropolis of Athens, after sold out in the prestigious halls of Bulgaria and Armenia this year, the project comes to us to please the Israeli audience with their favorite hits in live performance. After the tour in Israel, concerts are planned in Paris, Lille and Lyon in France.

 First time in Israel! Led Zeppelin Symphonic

The project participants have prepared for us 20 famous compositions of the Led Zeppelin group, such as: Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Rock & Roll, Dazed & Confused, Ramble On, Good times, Bad times, Immigrant song, Since I've been loving you.
The legendary British band Led Zeppelin is part of the pantheon of the rock universe, one of the founders and indisputable authorities of hard rock and the forerunners of the heavy metal genre. The group has sold 200 million records worldwide, left its deep mark on history and inspired three contemporary musicians to give new life to the favorite works of more than one generation of listeners and fans of the band.

Long-haired and tattooed Peter Eldridge — famous British singer and actor who played in popular musicals in London's West End. Among other things, he was the lead singer of All You Need Is Love, a musical about The Beatles, and took part in Hats Off To Led Zeppelin, which was an incredible success in the UK from 2009 to 2019. Peter – not only the owner of a cosmic voice, but also a true connoisseur
Led Zeppelin, who sings of his idols and passes on to others the power that rotates his inner musical universe.

Second soloist, Jess Smith — British poet and musician who played various roles in the musicals The Classic Rock Show, Romances and others. During his rich career, Jess has performed on many prestigious stages – in London's Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Munich Stadium and others.
Molly Marriott, the third and very important pillar of the show, — famous in the UK actress and singer, daughter of a vocalist and rock guitarist, continuing the family tradition. In recent years, she has performed on stage with such living legends as Mark Knopfler, Van Morrison and others. And even with Robert Plant himself!

"Epic! Marvelous! An explosion of feelings! – this is a short definition of Led Zeppelin Symphonic. The uniqueness of this show, according to critics, lies not only in the impressive performance of Led Zeppelin's classic hits. The trio, led by Peter Eldredge, creates exciting new interpretations of favorite compositions, and audiences across Europe give them a standing ovation. In Bulgaria, fans even stood in the rain to get goosebumps from the sounds of timeless melodies and riffs and listen to Peter Eldridge's powerful voice.

This is a new reading of the classic that not only dares to rehash the original, but also enriches it. A spectacle in another dimension, as close as it is far from Robert Plant's galaxy. And to a large extent this is achieved by combining rock and a symphony orchestra.
The Israeli concert will feature the Raanan Symphony; – an excellent orchestra with a name and merit, a unique voice in the world of Israeli classical music. It will be conducted by maestro Richard Sidwell, a renowned British musician, creator of another incredibly successful world show – Queen Symphonic.

The only Led Zeppelin Symphonic show will take place on November 17, 2022 at 21:00, Heykhal HaTarbut, Tel Aviv

Tickets – at the Bravo Box Office by phone *3221 or on websites: and

The tour is organized by YM Production and S.T. Standard

Photo: @Leandro Facundo


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