First time in Israel! Fusion band ChetMen 12/1/2022 – 12/2/2022

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 First time in Israel! Fusion band ChetMen 1.12.2022 – 2.12. 2022

For the first time in Israel! Unique international band ChetMen will perform only two concerts as part of the world tour.

For lovers of good music – The concert of this group is a great gift. Opportunity to attend a ChetMen concert. Plunge into fusion music, in which, as in our life, different elements are intertwined – jazz and blues are harmoniously combined with funk, pop-rock, ethnic music. And as in life, there is a lot of improvisation. That is why it is so important that the musicians feel each other, hear each other.
The band is an excellent proof that people united by love for art and music do not depend on boundaries and conventions. What is the real task of art – give us joy and mood.

ChetMen's albums and singles have repeatedly topped the charts.

ChetMen – an exclusive international project for music lovers and connoisseurs, created by the unique guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov and bass player Mikhail Menem.

Dmitry Chetvergov – famous guitarist, arranger and composer, opened the concert Joe Satriani, .
Mikhail Men – musician, singer, composer, author and producer of the Made in Moscow project featuring Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, members of the legendary bands Deep Purple and Rainbow.

ChetMen's albums and singles have repeatedly topped foreign top charts. Composition “Sarcasm” held 1st place on the iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the “jazz” category; a record three and a half weeks. “Dubrava Live” ranked #5 on the iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the jazz category in France. ChetMen– participants of various music festivals.

And in 2019, the band had the honor of performing at the Septembre Musical music festival in Montreux, the European jazz capital (Switzerland) with his solo concert.

We are waiting for you at the concert!

1.12.22 Tel Aviv club “Shablul” Thursday 21:00
2.12.22 Haifa club “Bit” Friday 21:00

Order tickets: https://biletru.

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Project producer: Art-Syntez Vertex Israel LTD

Photos courtesy of Chet Man press office:
@Maria Vishnevskaya

PR: Smith Media

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