First the car Schumacher put up for auction

Перший болід Шумахера виставили на аукціон

Ferrari Schumacher
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British trading house Girardo & Co intends to sell at auction Ferrari (412 T2) of Michael Schumacher.

The Formula 1 driver took part on this car in a test run in 1995 immediately after moving from Benetton to Ferrari.

Auctioneers has not announced the estimated cost of the car, but experts suggest that the car could be purchased for several million pounds!

First, Schumacher tried the car on the race track Ferrari in Fiorano Italian. And then in Portugal, the pilot has set on the auto record: raced on the track for 1 minute 20.2 seconds, improving on the 0.7 seconds the record set by Gerhard Berger. Two years ago, this Ferrari was restored. As the head of Girardo & Co Max Grard, it is a unique car, and it “a great honor for the auction house”.

Перший болід Шумахера виставили на аукціон

Перший болід Шумахера виставили на аукціон

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