First stage of HIV vaccine testing completed: 97% effective

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 First phase of HIV vaccine testing completed: 97% effective

According to one of the authors of the study, William Schiff, the new development has every chance of becoming the world's first HIV vaccine.

The vaccine is a series of vaccinations, each of which carries a different infection particles and thus, as it were, trains the immune system. With each new inoculation, the molecules will get closer and closer to those of real HIV viruses, until the antibodies produced can bind to many types of HIV.

Schif notes that he and creating a vaccine”.

The scientists have now completed a small phase one trial involving testing a vaccine made from a modified version of a protein found in the HIV virus. In fact, this particle serves to prepare the patient's body for the production of neutralizing antibodies. Scientists suggest that they play a decisive role in creating immunity against HIV.

In total, 48 people took part in the first phase of the trial. Some of the recipients received the vaccine, others — placebo. The results indicate that 35 of the 36 recipients who received the vaccine showed activation of neutralizing antibody precursors. In fact, these B cells are capable of providing the first step towards building immunity against HIV.

Schiff and colleagues have developed a method whereby a vaccine would teach the immune system to recognize the wide range of naturally occurring HIV subtypes, according to Schiff.< br />
If the scientists manage to successfully complete the tests, in the future this method can be used to create vaccines against coronavirus and influenza.

American scientists from a number of research centers and universities in Houston and New Orleans developed the world's first vaccine against drug addiction.

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